Money Matters

Helping our residents manage better

We know that managing money is difficult in today’s climate. The recently introduced Welfare Reforms and changes to the benefits system are hitting some individuals hard and putting additional pressure on people’s finances.

Here we provide up to date information on what the Welfare Reforms are all about, what is happening, and when, and how it might affect you and the benefits that you currently receive. Additionally we provide details of what advice and support is available to help you manage your money, budget and cut down on costs.

Managing Money

We increasingly have times when we urgently need a few pounds to tide us over, when we are stretched at the end of the month and it becomes hard to make ends meet.

Debt can spiral out of control if you do not seek advise and support from organisations that can provide you with guidance. These pages are to help residents and service users know what support and advice is available to them.

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Welfare Reform

There are a number of changes happening to the benefit system as part of the Welfare Reform. These changes will have an effect on everyone and residents and service users need to be aware what is happening and how it might affect them and their families.

With 6 major changes being implemented from April 2013 individuals must stay informed. We have been providing regular updates in our newsletters but these pages provide current information on the following changes: