The Board

Ekaya is governed by its committed Board consisting of voluntary non-Exec Directors from multi-disciplinary backgrounds. We also have tenant Board members, whose knowledge of the business and personal experience of the services of Ekaya assist us in critically evaluating the services and the organisation.

Ekaya’s Board:

The Board then has two sub-committees focusing on specific areas of the business – Policy & Performance Committee and Audit & Finance Committee.

The Board ensure effective governance arrangements are in place to deliver Ekaya’s aims, objectives and intended outcomes for its customers in an effective, transparent and accountable manner and to:

    • Adhere to all relevant legislation, comply with governing documents and all regulatory requirements;
    • Maintain customer accountability to its tenants, the regulator and relevant stakeholders;
    • Operate an appropriate strategic planning and control framework with effective risk management and internal controls assurance framework to support the plan;
    • Adopt and comply with codes of governance; provide accurate and timely returns to the regulator;
    • Manage resources; ensure viability is maintained through the use of key performance indicators; focus on key areas;
    • Put in place effective controls and procedures to ensure security of assets and the proper use of public funds;
    • Ensure effective systems are in place to monitor the delivery of core business and financial plans.
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