What our tenants say

Odelle Brown works full time as an IT support specialist for a travel operator, whilst being an active member of her local community and a member of Ekaya’s Customer Panel.

I joined the Ekaya Customer Panel a couple of months after I moved into my new flat. It is a new build, so is very nice and a good living space for me. All the other Ekaya residents in the block are women so we feel very safe and the environment is polite and courteous. I am passionate about where I live and how residents should be treated so when I saw the opportunity to get involved in the Ekaya Newsletter, I joined the Customer Panel.  The panel is a hugely worthwhile thing to do as you get to meet other residents, share experiences and support each other with solutions. It is a good way to keep informed about what is going on but also to discuss any issues. I always bring up the concerns of my fellow residents if relevant and encourage people to have their say. Residents need to be kept involved and informed especially with the Welfare Reforms coming through this year but also need to be engaged with their local community and try and support local initiatives where they can.
Odelle Brown, Ekaya resident in Lambeth for almost 4 years



I have been a proud tenant of Ekaya Housing Association since 2008 and a Tenant Board Member since September 2009. My decision to join the Board stemmed from a strong belief that the insight of tenants and residents, like me and you, should be actively encouraged and acted upon to make real improvements to our day-to-day lives. Ekaya are eager to improve their service performance to customers, but recognise that sometimes things do go wrong. When this happens Ekaya knows it must listen to customers. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in such a vitally important role and I am looking forward to helping the Association in its drive to deliver its promises to tenants and residents.
Nusula Lunkuse, Tenant Board member



Customer Satisfaction Survey

 Every year we run a survey to all our customers, giving everyone the opportunity to tell us what they think about our services and how satisfied they are with them. This provide critical information on how we can improve our business and provide the services our customers want.