Paying Your Rent


Your rent and service charge

Under the terms of your tenancy agreement; lease or licence you are responsible for ensuring your rent and service charge on your property are paid when due.

It is vital that you keep up to date with your payments. Ekaya has a fair Arrears Policy and Procedure but will pursue customers who fall into arrears so make it a priority to pay your rent. Your home is in danger if you do not keep up to date with these payments.


When should I pay my rent and service charge?
Rent and Service Charges are due in advance. If you want to pay monthly ask your House Manager for the correct amount you should pay.
Service charge
In addition to your weekly rent, there may be a Service Charge. This is the cost of providing services to the communal areas of your dwelling, such as lighting to a block of flats. The way in which the service charge is organized is set out in your lease or license.

The charge normally covers the cost of such matters as general maintenance and repairs, insurance of the building and, where the services are provided, central heating, lifts, lighting and cleaning of common areas etc. The charges may also include the costs of management by the landlord or by a professional managing agent.

If you live in our supported accommodation there is an additional Personal Service Charge which is not covered by your Housing Benefit. This covers personal consumption of things such as fuel charges and water rates.

 Can I get help to pay my rent?
If you are on a low income or you receive Department of Work and Pension (DWP) benefits, you may be entitled to help with your rent by claiming Housing Benefit  . It is always worth checking this with your Housing Officer even if you think that you will not be able to claim.

At your initial sign up meeting when you sign your Tenancy Agreement or Licence, your Housing Officer will ask you questions regarding your ability to meet the rent payments and can help you make a claim for assistance if this is appropriate.

You will also be required to provide other documentation including proof of any income or savings you may have along with your proof of your identity. Your claim for Housing Benefit or other DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) benefit is reliant on the correct information and documentation being supplied and submitted  by you, within the given time.

If you receive Housing Benefit it is also necessary to renew the claim periodically and to update your details if your circumstances change.

How will I know if I am up to date with my payments?
Every quarter Ekaya Housing will send you a statement of your rent account. It is important to check that all your payments have been processed correctly. If you think that there is an error please contact the Housing Team immediately. If you wish to have a copy of your rent statement at any other time please ask the Housing Team.

What if I can’t pay my rent?
Contact the Ekaya Housing Team immediately to discuss your arrears. Let us know so we can help! If for any reason you cannot pay your rent, if you let us know, we can support you to prevent arrears from building up by providing you with advice and direct you to local support. It is always better to pay something regularly than nothing at all. Do not ignore your arrears as they will not go away.

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What if your circumstances change?
Any changes to your circumstances may have an impact on your benefits and payments therefore it is important that you keep us informed.  Please note that it is a condition of your Tenancy Agreement or License to alert Ekaya to any changes in your circumstances.

How can I make payments?

Standing Order

Keep it simple with a direct payment. This is an automatic payment from your bank made to us on a set day of the month. This can either be a Standing Order that you arrange with your bank, providing them with the total monthly / weekly amount and our bank details.

In Person

Either at a Post Office, Pay Point or Pay zone using your Allpay Card (given to all tenants) or at our Head Office with a cheque during office opening times (9am – 5pm).


If your bank account is set up for internet banking you can make a direct transfer to us using your online banking. If you have a debit card and also have an allpay card go to:

Visit Allpay Online

By post
Make your cheque payable to “Ekaya Housing Association” and post to our Head Office. Please write your tenancy number and full address on the back of your cheque).

Housing Benefit Direct

If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit, you can ask for payments to be made directly to us as your Landlord.  Your Housing Officer will help you to arrange this.
yellowline1Universal Credit
If you are in receipt of Universal Credit, you can ask for payments to be made directly to us as your Landlord.  Your Housing Officer will help you to arrange this.