New Tenants

General needs housing

To get a home with Ekaya, your name would need to be on the housing register for your local authority. We don’t keep a waiting list for our empty homes, or offer homes to people who contact us direct. 

In practice, to be offered a rented home in south London, you will need to have a very high priority. You might then get a chance to bid for homes from a number of landlords, including Ekaya.

Supported housing

To be offered supported housing with Ekaya, you will need to be referred to us by:

  • a local authority homeless persons or special housing unit
  • a statutory agency, or
  • a voluntary organisation that works in partnership with a local authority homeless persons unit

We cannot offer supported housing to people who contact us direct.

Existing tenants

If you live in one of our properties, visit our page on your rehousing options Rehousing-options