Mission & Values


We demonstrate excellence in order to empower individuals to become self-sustainable and to realise their full potential, creating a legacy.


Provide a safe space, place & environment for predominantly BME Women, Children & Families to thrive in the local community.


We deliver our social purpose through strong commercial acumen, leveraging talent and partnerships to deliver quality homes and services.

Our Values and What They Mean


  • We act with care, kindness and compassion when delivering services
  • We build positive relationships and seek to continuously improve customer experience
  • We listen to our staff and our people
  • We encourage empowerment, innovation and engagement.
  • Feedback and ideas are welcomed and we use this to shape and improve what we do
  • We deliver services that embrace diversity, equality and fairness
  • Our services are tailored to meet the needs of residents and clients


  • We are trusted by the people we deliver services to
  • We do the right thing, we concentrate on delivering an excellent customer service with the right outcomes
  • We trust and empower our staff to do the right thing
  • Our staff know what to do and are confident to make good decisions that deliver an excellent service
  • We are trusted and respected by our partners and stakeholders
  • We work collaboratively in partnership, eager to learn and to share.  We are reliable and deliver consistently great services


  • We are accountable for what we do
  • We take personal responsibility for decisions
  • We are committed to achieving excellence
  • We do what we say we are going to do
  • We will challenge and are courageous in pursuit of our goals
  • We look to improve, to grow, to learn and be the best we can be