Planned and Cyclical Repairs

We run a programme of planned and cyclical maintenance to keep homes in good condition, in line with the Decent Homes standard. By planning these works in advance, we also get better value for money, because we can complete similar repairs on a number of homes at once.

We regularly complete a stock condition survey of our properties and this information informs our future planned and cyclical maintenance programmes. If your home is included in our latest programme we will give you plenty of notice.

What is a planned repair?

Planned maintenance is the replacement of items that have come to the end of their useful life, where the replacement can normally be predicted and planned for, for example kitchen units, sanitary ware, windows, roofs, heating or electrical systems, external doors and door entry systems. Replacement work may provide a similar or higher standard of item.

The purpose of the planned maintenance programme is to ensure, in a controlled way, the continuing useful life of each property, meeting modern requirements, standards and expectations, so far as is possible. 

What is a cyclical repair?

Cyclical maintenance includes the regular programme of internal and external painting of specified areas, the cleaning and/or re-painting of gutters and downpipes and the washing of UPVC external doors and window frames.