Service Charge

In addition to your weekly rent, there may be a service charge. This is the cost of providing services to the communal areas of your dwelling, such as lighting to a block of flats. The way in which the service charge is organised is set out in your lease or licence.

The charge normally covers the cost of such matters as general maintenance and repairs, insurance of the building and, where the services are provided, central heating, lifts, lighting and cleaning of common areas etc. The charges may also include the costs of management by the landlord or by a professional managing agent.

If you live in our supported accommodation there is an additional personal service charge which is not covered by your Housing Benefit. This covers personal consumption of things such as fuel charges and water rates.

Under the terms of your tenancy agreement; lease or licence you are responsible for ensuring your rent and service charge on your property are paid when due.

It is vital that you keep up to date with your payments. Ekaya has a fair Arrears Policy and Procedure but will pursue customers who fall into arrears - so make it a priority to pay your rent. Your home is in danger if you do not keep up to date with these payments.

Rent and Service Charges are due in advance. If you want to pay monthly ask your Housing Officer for the correct amount you should pay.